The Generator Girls is what happens when artists collide.

The track is the opening cut from the forthcoming album A Fish For A Heart by Dublin-based psychedelic act Clockwork Orchestra.

Most music videos sync to the beat of the music. Not this one. German artist Heiko Windisch never listened to the track prior to illustrating and animating Generator Girls. Instead, the illustrator was given very peculiar instructions by Paul Mangan of Clockwork Orchestra. For instance, “We need jars with chattering teeth” and “exploding robots.”

Paul Mangan says, “I feel that sometimes when musicians and animators collaborate they become obsessed with syncing everything to the beat. That said, it’s quite amazing to me how some elements naturally ended up seeming as though they do in fact follow.”


The idea was to make the video unpredictable and chaotic. Mangan says, “It was important for me that we dealt with the weird and wonderful themes of the song rather than focus on the music itself.”

The other reason this music video works is that the band let the illustrator drive the look. They chose Heiko Windisch for his monochromatic/doodle style. They didn’t try to make the him someone he is not. In the end, this was a piece they were both proud of.

Paul Mangan says that Hieko’s art reminds him of his own art style. “I instantly fell in love with Heiko’s work. Heiko is the artist that I was striving and struggling to become. He is the perfect foil for my music.”

Generator Girls is actually Heiko Windisch’s first video project. Heiko created a series of animated segments which Paul Mangan of Clockwork Orchestra later stitched together in Adobe After Effects.


Mangan says the song is based on present day. However, when I asked him about his influences, he says, “when you’re dealing with such themes, it’s hard not to be influenced by Kubrick – whether it’s a conscious thing or otherwise.”

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